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Wines do not have to be expensive to be good!

Posted on 17 September, 2016 at 0:45

When picking out a wine, price should never be your first thought. Instead, consider these questions before you buy your next bottle:


-How will you be consuming this wine? With our without food.

-What style of wine appeals to you?

-What regions or countries do you usually drink from? What grape varietals do you like?

-Do you want a red wine? Or white? Perhaps a rose or something sparkling?

-Do you want to try something new!?! (of course you do!)


If you immediately begin your search for a bottle with a price point in mind, you will automatically eliminate very good wines that are either a few bucks less or more than the dollar amount you've set for yourself. At Jasper Wine MRKT, we make great efforts to ensure we have great wines at all price points and for all situations.


So, now that you've decided what you want/need based on the questions above, the real fun starts! Can you find the wine you want at the price you'd like to pay? This is where your decision to shop at a store curated by passionate wine professionals comes into play. We are more than happy to help you find that perfect wine at a price that works within your budget. Just because you have $15 to spend on a Tuesday night pizza wine doesn't mean you can't drink a bottle of well made, interesting vino that can both appease and challenge your palate!


Most people automatically assume that more expensive wine is always going to be better. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are many reasons for the vast differences in wine prices, including:


-Cost of labour in the region

-Difficulty of harvest

-Quality of grapes

-Supply and demand

-Use of new oak


And, of course, after all the expenses are covered, the winemaker (much like an artist) then has do decide what they feel their creation is worth in dollars and cents. Just because someone who made the wine feels like they deserve $100/bottle doesn't mean the wine is necessarily worth it!

In general, if you are looking for certain regions that consistently offer value for the money, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Southern France are all good bets. Granted, finding your favourite varietal may be trickier but you will also have a wonderful new assortment of native grape varietals to choose from!


Finally, a note of caution – when shopping for 'best bang for the buck' wines, be careful of mass produced wines that are doctored with coloring and flavouring or use oak chips or added sugar to mask the faults in the wine. These bulk concoctions are produced to make money by volume sales and don't offer the consumer anything other than a low price.

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